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The Village of Lakeway was incorporated in June 1974 as a general law municipality, which was governed by a board of commissioners and a mayor until 1983. From 1983 to mid-1990, the Village of Lakeway functioned as an aldermanic form of government, consisting of aldermen and a mayor. In the State of Texas, a general law city derives all its powers and duties form the Local Government Code of the State Constitution. Once the recorded population reached over 5,000 residents in 1990, the Village of Lakeway met the state's requirement for becoming a home rule city. City officials adopted a city charter, which was approved by the voters in an election in May 1990, thereby establishing the City of Lakeway as a self-governing municipality. In accordance with the Lakeway City Charter, the City of Lakeway operates as a council-manager form of government. The mayor and six councilmembers are elected officials who may serve up to two three-year terms and act as the legislative body of the City. The city manager reports directly to the City Council and administers the day-to-day affairs of the city, implementing the policies established by council and ensuring that the city operates in a fiscally responsible manner.

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