Professional Bio

With over 25 years experience in civil earthworks and landscape construction, Ian has the ability to read landscapes and natural processes and can distill concepts and communicate ideas for real-time problem solving.  With a firm understanding of the design process and construction practice, Ian balances demanding project expectations with the necessity to protect the environment.

Ian’s 18 years in the geosynthetics industry, including his 12-year tenure as an erosion control and surface-water conveyance expert gives him the experience to deliver erosion and sediment control Best Management Practice techniques as well as to implement correct product use in protecting land and water.  A leader in the Erosion Control industry, Ian has delivered numerous projects at a cost savings while reducing liability to the owner.

Ian's professional objectives are to

- Provide well-considered ESC detailing and installation direction in ensuring design and construction of reliable structures

- Communicate proven techniques and product-based solutions knowledge for design and delivery of cost-effective, reliable structures

- Quantify the macro-environmental and economic benefits of green construction practice utilizing geosynthetic technology


Ian is a published subject matter expert in the practice areas of

- Failure mechanisms of traditionally designed and constructed civil and hydraulic structures

- Slope stabilization utilizing geosynthetic products and geosynthetically reinforced vegetation

- Conveyance armouring utilizing geosynthetic products and geosynthetically reinforced vegetation


Ian Corne, CPESC, M.Land.Arch., B.E.S.

  • Ian Corne, CPESC, M.Land.Arch., B.E.S.
  • Abbotsford
  • Masters Degree